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Desert Nomads was unofficially formed on March 29th 2020 during the COVID-19 apocalypse. We are a post apocalyptic tribe of Jeepers that understand Mongolian war tactics for purposes of survival during times of global uncertainty.

At TPC we produce high quality shirts and apparel that is made to last through the apocalypse. Don't be caught dead in a boring mass produced Chinese shirt. Let's survive this pandemic together while supporting our loved ones and enjoying humor.  We are not taking this situation lightly, rather we want to use this platform to raise money to source highly essential products such as hand sanitizer to distribute for free to portions of the population with compromised immune systems. 


Orders are easily accommodated at TPC, as we do decorating in house. Please browse through our online catalogs and customize your orders the way you want them. We will work with you to provide programs that will  fit your company's individual ​needs.